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Kennesaw State University

KSU Department of Public Safety & University Police

Emergencies: (470) 578-6666

Non-Emergencies: (470) 578-6206

Tipster Line: (470) 578-6305

Emergency Text: 770-356-3866

(Please use the text line number to text message us only if you are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability; or if a voice call to 911 might otherwise be dangerous or impossible.)

Kennesaw Campus Location: 351 Paulding Avenue (next to the West Parking Deck and the Social Science building)

Marietta Campus Location: Norton Hall, Building R2, first floor

Non-Emergency email: [email protected]

For more information, please visit: or Facebook page,

Concern about personal safety in today’s world makes sense. The Department of Public Safety and University Police’s 109 personnel, including 65 sworn police officers at KSU are committed to the students, faculty, staff and parents to keep the campus more secure and to encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others. KSU Public Safety and University Police operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

LiveSafe Campus Safety App

The free LiveSafe app provides students, faculty and staff with a direct connection to campus police so that everyone can easily communicate their safety needs. Easy-to-use features help your student stay safe every day and enable us to provide better protection. They can call or discreetly chat with campus public safety when they need help.

Encourage your student to let LiveSafe be their constant companion. With the SafeWalk button, they may allow friends and family to walk them home when needed. Please visit for more information on LiveSafe and detailed instructions on how to download this free app.

Self-Defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange (SAFE)

Self-defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange is a two-hour program offered by the KSU Police for female students, faculty and staff at KSU, free of charge. SAFE will provide participants with great crime prevention information and resources as well as a pre-basic familiarization with physical training methods.

Rape Aggression Defense Classes (RAD)

Rape Aggression Defense Basic (RAD) is a simple yet effective self-defense class for women only. This course consists of a lecture portion, which focuses on Risk Awareness, Risk Reduction and Risk Avoidance, followed by hands-on defense training. The techniques taught are designed to be quick and effective in delivering pain to vulnerable locations on the attacker’s body. The course is designed so that women of all fitness levels and ages will be successful in learning options to escape attacks. KSU also offers RAD for Men and Advanced RAD classes.

To sign up for a class, check the KSU Police website or contact [email protected].

Office of Victim Services

Many individuals have found the Office of Victim Services (OVS) to be a good starting point for getting the help they need when they have been a victim of a crime.

The OVS provides a safe, private place for individuals who have questions or concerns about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, domestic violence and any other crime.

A professional victim advocate is available to provide emotional support and help meet your student’s immediate needs by:

  • Arranging referrals for medical care, including obtaining a sexual assault exam, pregnancy and STD testing, and emergency contraception.
  • Acting as a liaison to address any concerns with academics or campus services.
  • Discussing options for reporting to campus safety or local law enforcement.
  • Developing a safety plan and obtaining Orders for Protection.
  • Providing referrals to counseling or support groups on campus and in the community.
  • Helping family and friends understand how to best support their loved one who has been victimized.

OVS will provide your student with options and resources to make informed choices and will support and empower them to make the decisions they feel are best for their situation.

Victim advocates are confidential professionals but may be required to report any statements indicating serious harm to one’s self or others.

Office of Emergency Management

In recent years, emergency management/preparedness in higher education has taken a proactive approach to providing a more prepared environment for students, faculty, and staff through quick response and resolution as well as through the use of emergency alerts. KSU utilizes mass notification messaging services as well as outdoor warning sirens, desktop pop-up alerts, and a host of other systems to provide a multi-layered approach to reaching as many people as possible in the shortest time. This, coupled with the 250+ plus volunteer crisis coordinators who are the University’s immediate responders in every building throughout campus, provides for a comprehensive and systematic prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery in any incident.

KSU’s Mass Notification System

RAVE Alert is the official Kennesaw State University emergency mass notification system, which is used to notify faculty, staff, and students of critical information and situations affecting the KSU campus through the use of text messages, email, and voice messages to cell phones. Kennesaw State University encourages all students, faculty, and staff to update their emergency contact number(s) in Owl Express.

To update information for KSU Alert contacts, students should:

  1. Login to Owl Express.
  2. Click “Personal Information.”
  3. Then Click “Update Contact Information.”
  4. Then Click on the “Primary” link next to their phone number.
  5. Either use the drop-down menu to add a cell phone number in order to receive text messages, or change their PRIMARY number to the number they wish to receive the
    voice messages.
  6. Click “Save.”

KSU’s Outdoor Warning System (Sirens)

Kennesaw State University has outdoor sirens that serve as an integral part of the University’s Emergency Notification System, allowing the KSU administration to alert the entire campus, residence halls, and the Sports Park and Stadium. Sirens are activated only during “shelter-in” situations such as tornado warnings, active shooter(s), and hazardous material (HazMat) spills on and/or near the campus. The KSU sirens broadcast a tone alert as well as both pre-recorded and live PA voice messages.

KSU’s Emergency Desktop Override System

When an emergency occurs that requires a campus-wide notification, KSU activates the Alertus Desktop Override, which deploys a pop-up message to all computers connected to the KSU network. The pop-up message will contain information pertinent to the situation and cannot be closed until the message is acknowledged by the recipient. This allows students, faculty, and staff to be notified of an emergency situation where cell phone reception is blocked such as inside a large building, or where cell phone use is prohibited, such as during class.

Crisis Coordinators

Volunteer Crisis Coordinators serve as a point of contact in the emergency response initiative for Kennesaw State University. These volunteers have been established as an administrative, decision-making group to respond to critical incidents that may occur at Kennesaw State University. They are located in every building on campus. Critical incidents are generally defined as those campus-wide emergencies that threaten life or property, or those which impact a significant portion of the University community (including but not limited to major fires, civil disturbances, and weather disasters). Each Crisis Coordinator must undergo a variety of training so they are able to help during an emergency.

Websites and Social Media

KSU has several notification methods including the use of social media. (Studies show that more people now get their “news” from social media rather than traditional methods such as newspapers or television.) Twitter and Facebook are the two sites the Office of Emergency Management uses to communicate socially with students. Campus-wide emergency notifications will be posted on both sites as well as the University’s Campus Advisory Page.


KSU Police:

Office of Victim Services:

Campus Advisory:

Office of Emergency Management:

Social Media

KSU Police Facebook page:

Office of Emergency Management Twitter page:

Office of Emergency Management Facebook page:

KSU Public Safety and University Police operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
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