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Why the College Market

College Students have a significant, direct impact on their local, regional, and even the national economy.

We are college obsessed.

We believe the college market is:

  • Too large and influential to be ignored
  • A unique and formative stage in life
  • Tired of being bombarded by misguiding marketing
  • Looking for an authentic voice to guide them

From 2000-2010, undergraduate enrollment increased 37%

Why the College PARENT Market

Parents of College Students have a significant impact on their student’s growth and purchasing decisions.

There are 26.4 million parents of college students at 4-year institutions

We are college-parent obsessed.

We believe the college parent market:

  • Wants to help their student through college
  • Wants to make sure their student successfully transitions from college to employment
  • Knows their student is bombarded with marketing and wants to help them focus on valuable information
  • Seeks out businesses to patronize during college visits or recommend to their student
  • Is listening for an authentic voice that will guide them

Parents are financially invested in their student’s education

Parent income & savings are the #1 source of funding, surpassing scholarships and grants for the first time since 2010

  • Relatives and friends
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Parent income and savings
  • Student borowing
  • Parent borrowing
  • Student income & savings

Average percent of total cost paid from each source

Source: Sallie Mae

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College Household Spending

  • On average, families spent $24,164 for college in the 2014-2015 academic year, a 16% increase from the previous year*
  • Parent out-of-pocket spending No. 1 source of college funding*
  • Moms take the lead on back-to-school shopping

Back-to-School Expenditures

  • Technology $390
  • Retail/Apparel $278
  • School Supplies $242
  • Other $214

Let's talk about you...

Whether you are a local or a national brand, CollegiateParent will help you build a personalized advertising strategy scaled specifically to your goals and budget. Here are some national brands we've helped reach college parents:

We have great solutions for local brands as well. Here are a few local gems we partner with:

Our Market

3,000 4-year college & university institutions across the U.S with 20 million highly engaged parents of students.

(Source National Center for Education Statistics)




  • 2015 Parent Reach:
    85 University partners = 300,000 guides
  • 2016 Parent Reach:
    100+ University partners = 375,000 guides


CollegiateParent Solution

Print and digital resources bridge the gap between parents, schools and businesses in the community to support college students in school and in transition to the working world.



From planners to directories, visitors guide to course catalogs, we produce college publications that help parents connect to the campus community.



Get parent’s attention while they are on their laptops, tablets and on their mobile devices to get them the information they need to support their students.

The right mix is important

In a parent’s media saturated life, it takes a mix of:


to deliver a message and activate college parents.

CollegiateParent has proven successes in major categories:

  • Apartments
  • Banks
  • Care Packages
  • Lodging
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Student Services
  • Transporation

University-Branded Parent Guides

Parent guides are invaluable resources. They are referenced throughout the school year.

Last year, we produced 300,000 custom guides for 85 universities that were distributed directly to parents.


Let us help you put together a customized plan to promote your business.

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Our Background

Our company history spans 15 years of partnering with 200+ colleges and universities providing "go-to" print guides for parents and families of students

  • Content is provided by university partners including recommendations for local business sponsors
  • Resources connect parents to the university and surrounding business community – hotels & apartments represent the most valuable business resources
  • Events that drive print guides:
    • New Student & Parent Orientation (Summer distribution)
    • Parent & Family Weekend (Fall distribution)
    • New Student Admissions (Winter/Spring)