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Serving over 450 university markets* across the US, reaching over 1 million parents in 2019.

*4 year not for profit colleges & universities in the US, source

What’s Your Business?

No matter your industry, CollegiateParent can put you in touch with parents of college students.

Our media kit shows our successes in advertising to parents of college students.

Get granular with our digital marketing and print strategies, and discover how we can create an advertising campaign scaled to fit your budget and goals.

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And many more!

Digital Marketing

Every university and college we work with has a presence on our website in the form of digital flip-book parent guides, informative resources, and a local business directory.

Parents visit our site for digital versions of these guides and commonly visit the business listings included.

We can show these users your banner ads or native ads. And because we have the ability to create audiences of website visitors based on what pages they visit, we can retarget these users and serve your ads across thousands of websites and apps that parents and students are surfing in real time.

This takes the guesswork out of having to pick and choose what individual sites to use.

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Our digital marketing strategies include:

  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Directory Listings
  • Featured Listings
  • Custom eNewsletter
  • Email Newsletter
  • Online Video Package

Print Marketing

From planners to directories, visitors guides to parent guides, we produce college publications that help parents connect to the campus community.

Universities’ No. 1 resource for parent resource guides

For over 10 years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of colleges and universities to provide their “go-to” print guides for parents and families of students.

Parent guides are an invaluable resource for parents. Last year we produced over 400,000 publications that were distributed directly to parents.

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CollegiateParent — Your Ideal Collegiate Marketing Partner

The right content mix is important. In a college parent's media-saturated life, it takes a mix of three things to win their attention and trust:

1 Relevant and reliable content

2 Engaging and knowledgeable voice

3 Trustworthy and authentic tone

Print and digital resources bridge the gap between parents, schools and businesses in the community to support college students in school and in transition to the working world.

That’s why we offer our advertisers a two-pronged print and digital package to ensure a holistic and effective advertising campaign to help you reach your advertising goals.

Our Partners

Below are some of the national brands we’ve helped reach college parents:

We have great solutions for local brands as well. Here are a few local gems we partner with:

College Parents Are Waiting to Hear from You

Whether you’re a small local company or a national brand, CollegiateParent will help you build a personalized advertising strategy scaled specifically to your goals and budget.