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With online classes now part of every college student's life, it's important that they have the equipment and accessories they need to succeed in class. Here are the essentials.

A powerful and reliable laptop

Whether they prefer Apple or Windows, help your student research which laptop will be best for their work, school and play. They should pick one with a built-in camera and microphone so they’ll have no trouble attending online lectures! You can find a fantastic laptop for $800–$1400 — a big investment, but they will use this essential equipment throughout college.

Laptop lock

These nifty attachments can help your student feel safe leaving their laptop in the library or classroom while they run to the bathroom or to see a professor. Simply wind the cable around a table leg or anything convenient and secure it to the laptop.

Chegg subscription

If your student is nervous about taking on difficult classes, they need a Chegg subscription! College students swear by Chegg, despite the monthly subscription fee. Tutoring and homework/study help is available in a range of subjects, though students use it primarily for math and science. Some Chegg services are free — like finding internships, or digital alternatives for textbooks.

Noise cancelling headphones

It can be hard to find quiet sometimes. A good set of headphones goes a long way to make sure your student will always have the right environment for studying and relaxing, no matter their surroundings.

Phone plan with Wi-Fi hotspot data

In case they run into a spotty internet connection, a personal hotspot from their phone will help them meet their deadlines!

Portable hard drive

It’s crucial that your student have somewhere to back up their important files before they suffer a technology malfunction. Prevent the worst from happening, especially around finals!

Power strips

College students have a lot of things to plug in, and outlets can be few and far between. Power strips and extension cords are a must — be sure to get one with a built-in surge protector.

Computer mouse

Sometimes a laptop trackpad is just inconvenient, and it can promote bad posture. Whether your student prefers a wireless option or not, an external computer mouse is a great addition to their workspace.

Adjustable laptop stand

Speaking of bad posture, a laptop stand is another worthwhile investment. Some models let you elevate the laptop just enough so that you’re not hunched over, while others convert to a standing desk. Or maybe your student wants something to support their laptop while they study on the couch or bed. There are lots of options!

Wired has helpful tips for upgrading your Wi-Fi and making your internet faster if that's an issue in your household.

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