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Campus Resources: Your Cheat Sheet


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What are all those buildings on campus, anyway? Where can your student find support and community, and who do YOU call when you have questions?

Bursar/Student Accounts

Pay tuition, room and board, and other fees here (parents access the account with student authorization). An outstanding balance may put a hold on course registration, so be sure to stay on top of things; payment plans may be available.

Campus Safety/Emergency Management

Responsible for patrolling, investigating complaints, safe ride services, registering bikes and electronics, helping students who get locked out of dorms, emergency drills and alerts, and more.

Career Services

It all happens here: job fairs, internship listings, mock interviews, interest assessments, resume and cover letter help. Career counselors can help undecided students choose a major and explore the connection between academics and potential careers.

Disability Support/Accessibility

Students who need accommodations for physical or mental health reasons, or because of a learning difference, work with this office.

Financial Aid

Your student’s financial aid award (grants, scholarships, loans, work-study) is managed here. Don’t hesitate to call with questions, or if your family’s financial circumstances have changed.

Parent & Family Program

This office is for YOU. They organize Family Weekend and other events on and off campus, put out newsletters and social media blasts to keep you informed, and more. If you don’t know who to call, start here and the P&F staff will direct you to the right place!


This office deals with student email and password set-up, maintaining student contact information, course registration (including add, drop and withdrawal), grades, and transcript requests.

Residence Life

On-campus housing options and meal plans, student ID cards, campus parking, and more. Students with roommate issues can get support from Res Life staff.

Student Affairs

Another great catch-all office to contact when you have a question or concern. They respond to issues related to the Student Code of Conduct and academic integrity and may also administer departments related to equity, inclusion, and Title IX compliance.

Student Health & Counseling Centers

Treatment of common illnesses and minor injuries, vaccines, prescription and over-the-counter meds, reproductive health services and contraception, STI and HIV testing, nutrition counseling, and more. Appointments can usually be made online. Mental health resources may share a building with student health or have a separate facility.

Student Union

A hub for student clubs and organizations along with social gathering spaces and places to eat and study.

Writing & Tutoring Center

Professional and peer tutoring services are available for any academic need. Your student can get help understanding concepts, writing papers, and improving study skills. The school may have a separate Quantitative Center to support students with math and science coursework.

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