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Your student's college years have been filled with unforgettable experiences and friendships. Having a place for all their favorite photos, ticket stubs and event programs means they can stroll down memory lane whenever the mood strikes. Share these four fun ways to preserve cherished memories from their time on campus, courtesy of Church Hill Classics.

Create a collage in a box frame

Box photo frames — generally 3D in design — are a great way to display photos, concert tickets and other mementos from their college years. This kind of frame doesn't need to be expensive — you'll find them at stores like Target. Your student will have fun filling the frame and then displaying it in their childhood bedroom or first post-grad apartment. Simple and quick, a box frame is a flexible choice, too, as items can be swapped out and rearranged.

Find a pretty trinket box

A jewelry or trinket box can double as a casual way to store memorabilia. Stored on a dresser, book shelf or desk, your student can pick it up and have a look through it whenever they’re feeling nostalgic about college or missing their old friends. It should be kept closed and out of direct sunlight, though, to ensure photos don’t yellow or fade.

Make your walls happy

A diploma frame is perfect for preserving and displaying their degree. An autograph frame is a fun way to showcase a special photograph surrounded by colorful handwritten notes from friends. Or your student can curate some favorite photos and have them turned into a poster at a copy shop like Kinko's.

Fill a decorative mason jar

Mason jars are for more than just jelly and jam! Collect a few for your student so they can fill them with tiny keepsakes (check out Pinterest for cute mason jar memory ideas). Jars look neat on shelves; this is also a fun and personal gift for your student to give their friends for graduation.

Mason jars can also be used to store the new memories your student will be making following their graduation. Suggest they write down, on colorful scraps of paper, all the good (or challenging or hilarious or embarrassing) things that happen in the year ahead and then take take them out to read on the occasion of their 1st college reunion.

Church Hill Classics specialize in providing diploma frames to college and university students so students and their families can treasure those all-important memories.


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