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Parent-to-Parent Eagle Advice


The Power of Partnering: Parent to Parent

Providing parental support from a distance can be frustrating in many ways. Advice from parents who have successfully navigated common college struggles can be invaluable. That’s why we encourage parents to engage one another through social media like the ERAU DB Parents & Family Facebook group, get to know other parents at events, or reach out to Parent & Family Relations at 386-226-7954 or [email protected] to identify parents who have volunteered to mentor others so that you can connect.

For parents of first-year students, the transition to college may include homesickness, struggles adjusting to academic workload, or difficulty making friends, which can be tough for parents who are far away and are used to intervening. Parents who have been there and done that will tell you the best advice is to listen and monitor the situation. For the most part, this is your Eagle’s first chance to navigate without you. Give them space and time to work through settling into their new home.

For parents of continuing students, academic issues and chosen area of study may alter your Eagle’s educational trajectory. If your Eagle is struggling academically, be sure they are seeking the support they need through advisement and tutoring. If your Eagle is stressed, it may help to offer reassurance and explore options that can relieve the pressures of the classroom. Other Eagles have overcome low GPAs, major changes, and even loss of scholarship. Their parents will tell you your Eagle can, too!

For parents of graduating students, the process of landing a job or getting into grad school can be overwhelming. Feedback from other parents on how their Eagle made a career contact or identified post-graduate opportunities can help you to guide your Eagle to success.

At every stage, parents share information about everything from recommending reliable, local mechanics to finding a storage unit for the summer and so much more! Do yourself a favor — choose your platform and connect with other ERAU parents today!

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