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For college students, maintaining a healthy life balance while cramming for tests and staying involved with campus activities can be a challenge. The Department of Health Services provides a variety of support programs to protect your Eagle’s overall wellbeing.

A full-time team of registered nurses, a physician, physician assistants, and a nurse practitioner are available to students on a walk-in basis or by appointment. All visits are kept confidential according to federal law. Additional services include programs for nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and assistance with referrals. We also have a Flight Medical Support Specialist (FMSS) to assist if you are having issues obtaining a flight medical certificate. Our FMSS is available on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

It is critical that all students submit the Health Services Form that reflects current immunizations and personal medical history. More information about Health Services and the Medical Report Form can be found at

Health Insurance is required of all students. United Health Care Student Resources is the campus provider of comprehensive, affordable health insurance for eligible students, and students will be billed automatically for this coverage unless they already have comparable coverage and waive out during the waiver/enrollment periods. Details on costs, coverage, and waiver process can be found at

Counseling Services and Disability Support Services are the divisions dedicated to your Eagle’s mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as providing for special needs. The Counseling Center is a calm, friendly, and supportive environment and counseling records are protected according to privacy laws. Educational programs and activities, free and anonymous online assessments, and referrals for long-term counseling are among the services offered. Disability Support Services assists students with special needs who may require support in the form of a service animal, special housing consideration, or accommodation with testing and other academic challenges.

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