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Feeling Creative? 8 Crafts to Try


What better way to channel your pent-up energy than by creating something? Whether you're trying out a new medium or revisiting an old hobby, all it takes to get started is some art supplies. Amazon and Michaels sell supplies for every kind of project imaginable, and both offer delivery to your doorstep.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these ideas.

Paint by Numbers

These are essentially coloring books for paint, and even tell you which color to put where. There are many styles of paintings to choose from, or you can generate your own custom paint by numbers kit based on a favorite photo.

Pour Painting

This activity has taken the internet by storm. Though it can be a bit messy, there are tricks for keeping your space clean while you’re having fun! Once you understand the basics, there are no limits to what you can create.

DIY Gardening Crafts

Spring is here, and it couldn’t be a better time to liven up your yard and home with some greenery. If your outdoor planting area is limited, consider an indoor gardening project like this DIY succulent planter!

Upcycle Art

An environmentally friendly medium, upcycled art makes use of discarded materials and turns them into something completely new. Because it involves anything you happen to have lying around, the possibilities are endless and the results truly spectacular. Upcycling has a huge online community full of resources and guides to help you get started.

3D Models

Your imagination can really run free with this one. You can find kits to build just about anything you might want from marble runs to miniature dollhouses. These models require a decent amount of time and patience to build, making them a perfect quarantine project.


Sewing is not only entertaining, it is also an incredibly useful skill to have and a fun and easy way to maintain and add to your wardrobe. If clothes aren’t your thing, there are many other DIY crafts you can consider making even as a beginner.


Knitting is a hugely popular pastime that many people find immensely therapeutic. You don’t need too many supplies to start, and there are many ways to customize your knitting experience depending on what you’re looking for.


Here’s one you might not have thought about! Woodworking can be equally gratifying and relaxing as a hobby and you might be surprised to hear doesn't necessarily require a big workspace and lots of tools. Most smaller projects can be completed from the comfort of your desk or dining room table! Amazon has easy starter kits and guides to help you on your way.

Not ready to dive into a new project just yet? We also have recommendations for your movie and TV binges, personal reading lists, board game collections, and even games to play remotely online with friends!

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