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What to Play Now: 10 Video Games


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Is your student looking for a new way to stay entertained and spend time with people remotely? The online gaming community is huge and full of so many different kinds of games and people — your student might even make some new friends while in quarantine.

Here are a few fantastic games that family and friends near and far can play together!

Cards Against Humanity Online

This is the bestbest online games for remote players way to play Cards Against Humanity with your friends remotely. The system can be a bit fiddly as nothing is automated, but Playing Cards also allows you to play other games with friends such as Checkers, Go Fish and even custom card games.

Settlers of CATAN Online

The online version of CATAN allows you to play the original Settlers of CATAN board with your friends or a computer AI for free. You can also earn points to unlock other boards for a limited time or pay to play expansions.


A turn-based strategy game with a similar pretense to CATAN, players discover new lands, fight invaders and race to rule the world. You can play as a single player or play with friends near and far.

Stardew Valley

Build and customize your farm in the picturesque Stardew Valley and find your little escape from reality in the community within this social simulation game, available on all platforms.

Animal Crossing

This game has taken the internet by storm for gamers and non-gamers alike. Animal Crossing is a social simulation game, so you can find friends, make new friends, and personalize your home. There are several different versions for different platforms, as well as a pocket camp version for mobile players.

Mario Party

A perfect gameBest video games to play with friends remotely for a group, Mario Party has a variety of different modes from a competitive board game set up to a cooperative river exploration. An assortment of minigames help keep it exciting. Mario Party is available on all Nintendo gaming platforms.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games offers multiplayer games that use phones and tablets as controllers, and has a little something for everyone. The best part is its compatibility with tablets, TVs, laptops and gaming consoles making it accessible to everyone whether you're playing in the same room or remotely. Explore all the games to find one that suits your group best!

Still searching for something to do? CollegiateParent has got you covered! These board games may be just the ticket, and we can recommend a great new book, movie or television show, too.

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