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How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move With Your College Student

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One of the proudest moments in every parent’s life is when their child gets into college, but it is often accompanied by stressful packing for a long-distance move. The hassle of not forgetting anything important, securing fragile items, and organizing all the boxes for optimal space saving can be overwhelming.

However, moving to another state for college doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow this helpful cross-country moving guide! 

Set a date, plan ahead and start packing on time.

All big projects need a carefully crafted plan. First, take a seat and prepare the list with your incoming freshman, because communication is the key. Ask them what they plan to bring, what they need, and make suggestions if you think they're leaving out something important, but let them have the final word since it’s their new start we are talking about.

After carefully reviewing the list together, make adjustments, because there might be room for more necessary items. Too much stuff can result in complications while packing, transporting, and setting up in the campus residence hall. After that you can even organize packing similar items into groups, some things can be packed early on and taken off the list, and there are always things that need to be purchased. Keep the list on your fridge so you can update it regularly. Packing systematically and taking things off the list is the stress-free way of relocating your college student.

Pack smart — Use reusable package solutions.

One thing there's never enough of when you live in a small space is additional storage. Make use of plastic containers, reusable vacuum packing bags, and sturdy boxes because these can serve as a storage solution in your student's dorm room. Reusable vacuum bags save tons of space when storing clothes you aren't currently using, and are a real lifesaver when packing for college. You'll be amazed by how Preparing to move to college much space you can save by compressing the air out of clothes and linens.

You can also use clothing as padding for fragile items and save money and space on padding materials. Plastic containers are secure and sturdy for transport, and can be easily repurposed as drawers in a dorm room.

Pack some memorabilia so their fresh start is rooted in where they're from.

It's never easy for little birds to leave their warm nest, and it might be even more difficult for you. Pack a few items that they'll associate with home: favorite photos, their favorite blanket, a few books, their favorite mug… Things that bring back warm memories and a feeling of security and being loved. You can even hide a special note or a small gift for them to find when they unpack.

Would you like to avoid the hassle of long-distance moving and handling fragile items? Contact Cross Country Moving Company to do it for you. We wish you and your new college student the very best during this exciting transition!
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