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The Gift of Personal Safety

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Home is truly home when everyone’s there together. Whether your college student is in their first or last year of college, being reunited as a family for the winter holidays is the best feeling in the world. 

Winter break is your student’s longest vacation during the school year, but it will fly by. As your family calendar fills with holiday festivities and gift giving, be sure to save time for catching up — those long, deep conversations about everything under the sun you love having with your son or daughter. 

One topic that’s top of mind for college parents year round is their student’s personal safety. It's important to check in about this on a regular basis. Your student may feel so at home on campus that they get lax about some of the basic strategies and behaviors that can help them stay safer, like remembering to lock their room, sticking to the buddy system when they go out at night, utilizing campus safe ride programs, etc. 

Physical safety is also an issue when they’re traveling, whether for a weekend or a longer trip. It may even be a concern in your home city or town.

What can you do to support your student’s confidence and safety in every situation?

Consider an out-of-the-box holiday gift idea! A self-defense class along with a self-defense device like the TASER Pulse+ or StrikeLight would be an awesome combo that your student is sure to appreciate.

It should be easy to find a self-defense class that fits your student's personal style — you could research this together. Classes may be offered on their campus, and are usually also available at local recreation and community centers among other places.

You'll also want to consider your student's personal style and habits when choosing a self-defense device. Here are a few that are designed to be effective, simple to use under pressure, and to give your student the confidence, focus and time they need to escape from a potentially dangerous situation.

The TASER StrikeLight self-defense device fits easily into the glove compartment of your college student's car.StrikeLight 
  • The StrikeLight provides stun-gun capabilities in a close-distance defensive situation.
  • Loud noise will scare off animals as well as human attackers.
  • The sharp bezel packs a powerful punch.
  • Includes a powerful 750 lumen flashlight, wrist strap and rechargeable battery. 
TASER Pulse+
  • The Pulse+ links to an app, Noonlight, that connects immediately to 9-1-1 emergency services when the trigger is pulled (a premium Noonlight subscription is included with your Pulse+ purchase). 
  • 15-foot range is optimal for most defensive situations, disabling a potential attacker for 30 seconds. The goal: YOU escape a dangerous situation safely, and law enforcement brings the criminal to justice.
  • “Safe Escape Guarantee” — your device will be replaced for free when it’s used in a self-defense situation. 
Before purchasing and using a TASER Self Defense product, be sure to check the laws in your state.

TASER Self Defense devices are legal in 48 states, and in most states are permitted without restrictions. This color-coded map and chart shows all state requirements in detail (for example, whether a permit or training are required). It's also essential to check individual college and university policies regarding personal protection devices. Policies are campus-specific and run the entire spectrum. Some are zero tolerance. Some will allow a stun gun but not a TASER device, while others permit concealed carry of a TASER device. In some cases, devices are permitted on campus but not in residence halls. If in doubt, call the campus police department.

Learn more about TASER Self Defense devices on their website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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