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Father's Day Celebration Ideas


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It's that time of year again to make sure the father figures in our lives know exactly how much we appreciate everything they do!

Make sure to plan something special for this Father's Day, but most importantly, make sure to spend some quality time with Dad this weekend. At the end of the day, that's what he'll appreciate more than any gift.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Father's Day this year!

Plan a Mini Vacation

What could be better than some quality family time doing one of your dad's favorite activities? Take this opportunity to get away, for the day or overnight, to one of your or his favorite spots! 

Think about what he'd like best, or better yet, ask him what he'd like to do and plan the day together. Does he have a favorite memory from your childhood you could revisit? Maybe it's a special camping spot or activity the two of you used to do together. Pack a picnic to take along on your adventure and relish your time together.

Buy Tickets to His Favorite Event

What's your dad's favorite event to watch on TV? Maybe there's an event that you like to watch together or as a family. Or something neither of you has ever been to and wants to try! Take a look at upcoming events in your area (sports, live music, theater, comedy) and pick something you'll both enjoy. Make a day of it and grab something to eat together before or after!

Try Something New Together

Does your dad have something he's never done before but has been interested in for a while? Take the plunge and set up a chance for both of you to try it out! Maybe it's an escape room or paintball. Perhaps it's something that's a little outside of his comfort zone. You know him best, so think about an activity he might not try on his own but which you know he'll enjoy regardless. Either way, if it's something you enjoy, your dad is sure to love a chance to be a part of it!

Make Him a Special Dinner

Father figures of all ages appreciate being treated to a special meal planned with love and gratitude. Maybe you gather a group of families together for a potluck BBQ, or perhaps it's just the two of you getting a chance to talk and catch up. Dads are the best for imparting wisdom, so remember how his advice has helped you through a tough spot. It's an easy and meaningful way to show him exactly how much you appreciate all his help and support.

However you decide to celebrate, don't be shy about telling your dad how much you appreciate having him in your life. As the years pass, our relationships with our parents inevitably change, but our gratitude for their unconditional love grows with time. We hope you all have a very happy Father's Day this year!

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