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Bowling and Bonding in Miami

Shari Bender

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I went bowling in Miami.

Final score 83.

My son recently started his summer internship and I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days with him. When he asked me if we could go bowling with a friend after dinner Friday, I jumped at the chance.

We made our way to the Miami Beach EDITION down the stairs to the basement. As an over 21 group, we ordered our drinks and I Velcroed on the ever-so-attractive bowling shoes. The kids posed for some selfies and I jumped right in. They laughed at my inability to properly pose. They nearly fell over when I attempted to twerk.

We had a blast enjoying the music and cheering on even the inevitable gutter balls and scoreless frames. There were high fives and screams of joy when all the pins fell.

Spending time with your college age children is a little like bowling. Some things in life that are thrown your way may miss the mark. But you’re there together, sharing the lane, the good and bad.

And when you get that strike, that life moment, and can share it together…it feels like a perfect score.

Originally shared on CollegiateParent's Facebook page. Find more conversation and community in our College Parent Insiders Facebook group. Photo courtesy of the author.
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Shari earned her BA in Communication from Stanford University and freelances all things Communication and Marketing. She is a cat-loving spiritual vegan and former admissions interviewer. With two grown children, Shari is happily and sentimentally embracing her Empty Nest along with her husband of more than 30 years. Her musings delight parents in numerous publications and online platforms, including CollegiateParent and Grown & Flown.
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