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10 Ways to Celebrate the Arrival of Spring


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The spring equinox (sometimes called the vernal equinox or the March equinox) marks the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. As the Northern Hemisphere begins to tip closer to the sun, we revel in longer and warmer days (of course, it's the opposite if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere marking the beginning of autumn). This year, the spring equinox will happen on Saturday, March 20.

Now that we’ve spent a whole year in pandemic mode, we’re likely all extra grateful to see the end of winter so we can start getting outdoors again and safely socialize. Here are 10 ways to celebrate the arrival of spring!

1. Try Your Hand at this Popular Equinox Myth

People have celebrated this day across the world in a variety of ways for literally thousands of years, and one equinox myth is particularly popular as it’s a relatively easy one to test. People say that on the equinox, you can stand a raw egg on its end due to the Earth’s relative position to the Sun and the resulting equalization of gravitational pulls.

While that sounds like a valid explanation, it is unfortunately nothing more than an old wives’ tale and is a feat that can be accomplished on any day of the year provided you find the right egg. Why not give it a try anyway this year?

2. Get a Jump Start on Your Spring Gardening

Why not plan a flower or vegetable garden and shop for seeds at your local hardware/home and garden store or online? Now's the perfect time to start seeds indoors in peat pots (flowers, herbs, tomatoes and peppers are good choices). Take some time to do your research before you start — it’s important to know what will grow well in your area and when to start planting!

3. Dream Up a Few Summer Camping and Road Trips

We're all hoping to have more freedom to move around this summer as the country’s population is vaccinated. Where do you and your family want to go? Roadtrippers is a fun and easy way for everyone to be involved with the planning, and it can also help you find fun things to do on your way to your final destination. You can use their website or download the app to use as you drive.

When it comes to camping, remember that many campsites and back country permits fill up fast when registration opens for the season.

4. See Cherry Blossoms

If you’ve never seen cherry trees in bloom, find out if there is anywhere nearby where you can experience this magical floral display. There are parks, gardens and even scenic drives across the country where these iconic flowers make an annual appearance you don’t have to go all the way to Japan! When the blossoms open, they don’t stick around for long which of course adds to their allure. 

5. Start Your Spring Cleaning

It's time to clean out your closets! Donate clothes and shoes, setting aside things that might be repurposed for crafts (or donated to quilters). How much have you accumulated over the years? If you have the time and enegy, you can selll items in good condition and donate the proceeds to your favorite charitable organization.

6. Take a Walk and Look for Signs of Spring

Depending on where you live, daffodils and crocuses may already be blooming; in other places, it may be the sound of water bubbling as ice gives way on streams and ponds. There is also a lot of bird activity right now as mating and nesting are in full swing, so look for bird watching opportunities near you.

7. Don't Miss these Spring Astronomical Events

There are a few astronomical events to look forward to in 2021, and some are happening this spring! Check out this list of to see what will be visible from your location or plan a camping trip to see a particular event.

8. Learn About The Mayan Descent of Kukulkan

Speaking of astronomical events, this one is manmade but nonetheless an incredible feat of Mayan engineering. Have you ever seen the Descent of Kukulkan? This ancient Mayan light show happens twice a year on each equinox at Chich’en Itza, where clever Mayan architecture and the rotation of the Earth come together to produce an image of a snake (the Mayan feathered serpent god, Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan) descending from his temple.

9. Celebrate World Storytelling Day

Did you know that March 20th is World Storytelling Day in the Northern Hemisphere? Take some time and celebrate the art of oral storytelling with your friends and family. Local libraries, schools and theaters may be holding events, but the best way to celebrate is simply to tell a story!

If you know stories in other languages, tell them in those languages, too, as this is a day that is meant for people to tell stories in as many languages as possible.

10. Take Advantage of Spring Ingredients

What better way to celebrate the end of the winter than to cook a feast celebrating the fresh ingredients spring brings? Check out this list of spring recipes and put together a dinner or picnic with your friends or family and make a day of it!

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