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What's Best For My Daughter After She Failed Two Classes?

Dear Adina, My daughter just finished her freshman year of college, and I found out she failed two subjects. She was living on campus, and she decided to work on weekends. My husband and I told her that her priority was school, but she said she was fine. She has […] Read More

It Was Just a Basic Question

Dear Adina, I read "Did your student hit their first rough patch?" and it sparked a question based on my freshman-in-college daughter's response to me asking about any tests and what she thought about them. Just a basic question...and I was shut down with the answer, "I don't like tests, […] Read More

Will I Ever Stop Missing My College Student?

Dear Adina, Need advice on how to cope with sadness and anxiety every time our youngest son returns to college after being home on break. He’s a junior now but it’s not getting easier for me. Feel depressed and miss him. He attends out of state 8 hours away from […] Read More

What Are My Parental Rights When My Child Goes to College?

Dear Adina, Having a relationship with my 17-year-old freshman is severely discouraged by the other parent and the parent's spouse for several years, although I've managed to stay informed of their education. Until my child realizes the other parent's alienating tactics have been unjustifiable, how can I stay informed of […] Read More

Is My Grad Student's Dream Realistic?

Dear Adina, My daughter is just completing her master's degree in Educational Psychology. She now realizes this degree will not help her towards her dream job of being a school guidance counselor. She is considering starting a new master's degree program. The problem I see with this is that her […] Read More

Is My H.S. Senior Ready to Apply ED?

Dear Adina, How do I know if my child is ready to apply to college ED (Early Decision)? Dear Parent, The decision to apply to a college using the Early Decision process is usually born of two mindsets. The first is one of clarity. The student absolutely without a doubt […] Read More

How Do I Help My Student-Athlete Balance School and Sports?

Dear Adina, My daughter is a student-athlete at the moment. She even enrolled in a recruitment platform and seems to be motivated to pursue to play soccer in college. She complains that training is a lot of work and academics also involve a lot of time. She struggles with her […] Read More

Should I Say Something About My Kid's Racy TikToks?

Dear Adina, Today I saw a couple of TikToks on my 21-year-old’s account that I would call “questionable.” They were sexually suggestive but seemingly in good fun. My main concern is that as a rising senior this could negatively impact his job search if a potential employer were to find […] Read More

Will Encouraging "Safety Schools" Demoralize My Child?

Dear Adina, With application numbers off the charts and no competitive school being a true "safety school," how do you advise your child who works really hard, gets good grades (A-/B+) but is less developed on the extracurricular front to further explore less competitive, less known or established programs? And […] Read More

Do I Have to Support Their Preference for Online Classes?

Dear Adina, What if your student wants to take web-based classes when in-person classes with a live professor are available and the parent would rather that they attend live, in-person classes? Dear Parent, This topic is deep and complicated, and warrants a conversation with your student that begins with your […] Read More
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