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Meet Adina Glickman! CollegiateParent's newest columnist has practical and compassionate advice on all matters related to parenting your young adult.
January 27, 2021

Uneasy About the Long Drive to College

Dear Adina, My 2021 high school senior will be attending college three states and eight hours away from home starting […] Read More
January 12, 2021

Do I Have to Treat My Two Children the Same?

Dear Adina, My youngest daughter is a freshman engineering major at a small private university. She wants to work spring […] Read More
January 5, 2021

Wondering About My Student's Sexual Identity

Dear Adina, On a phone call this fall my son really surprised me by confiding that he's bisexual. I was […] Read More
December 28, 2020

What Should I Do About My Smelly Son?

Dear Adina, We have a 20 and a 22 year old. This season has been so much more challenging than I […] Read More
December 22, 2020

Mad About an "F"

Dear Adina, My sophomore just announced that she failed a class this semester! We had no idea this was coming. […] Read More
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