Refreshing summer drinks

Refreshing summer drinks

Here are a couple of refreshing summer drinks — one for the 21+ crowd — courtesy of Liza, our Director of Partner Relations, who is originally from Great Britain (hence the Pimm’s).

Liza says: “These drinks are fun for college students to make and share with friends while they’re home for summer break. (Make sure everyone’s of age when serving Pimm’s.) They’re also perfect if you’re planning a send-off party for your new college student — that last BBQ with high school friends and their families before all head in different directions. I’ll host a party like that for my daughters Lana and Grace and these will be on the menu (as well as Grace’s favorite artichoke dip!).”

Watermelon Lemon or Limeade

Lemonade or limeade (your favorite brand, bottled or from a mix)
Watermelon chunks
Mint sprigs
Lime wedges

Combine lemonade or limeade with watermelon chunks in a blender. Serve over ice with a sprig of mint and a lime wedge.

For frozen version: Make frozen lemonade or limeade, using less water than it calls for and adding ice.

Classic British Pimm’s Cocktail

(To serve while watching Wimbledon or the Oxford and Cambridge boat races, or when playing croquet or badminton in the back yard) 

Bottle Pimm’s No 1 cup
Seven Up (or other lemon-lime soda)
Strawberries — quartered
Cucumber — peeled and sliced
Orange slices

Put ice, fruit, mint and cucumber in a pitcher. Combine Pimm’s and Seven Up as specified on Pimm’s bottle or to taste (fun part!). Refrigerate at least an hour so flavors mix.

Serve over ice with more mint and an orange slice on the rim of each glass.

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