College Graduation Trip Ideas

College Graduation Trip Ideas

Graduation is right around the corner, and your student may be thinking about taking a trip to celebrate.


When is the best time to travel?


The best days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays because airlines reduce their prices on these days.

The best time to book a trip is in the afternoon on Tuesdays. Research has shown that Tuesdays are the cheapest to buy an airline ticket. Make sure your student is setting airfare alerts along with checking different airlines when booking a ticket.


The Essentials of Traveling


Make sure your student plans their trip with an attention to detail. They first have to decide who is coming on the trip. Then you might sit down with them and go over financials and make a budget. All of this takes time, but if your student sets expenses and dates at the beginning then they are better off. It is always a good idea to create an itinerary of what your student is doing each day. If the trip is organized then your student will be prepared for their travels.


Big City Visiting


If your student hasn’t been to a big city, now is the time to go! New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago are the three biggest cities in the United States. They all are pretty cheap to fly to in the summer time, too. There is so much to do in the city. Check out local restaurants, museums, attractions, parks, etc.




The most popular destination for college graduates to visit is Cancun…but there are other options. The Caribbean is affordable, gorgeous, and fun! Destinations like St. Thomas, St. Martin, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Grenada are all fun filled places that are less expensive than you might think to fly to in the summer. Check out United Airlines for the best prices to your student’s next beach spot today.




If your student is the adventurous type, consider helping them research one of the following options: Machu Picchu, Amsterdam, Costa Rica or the Grand Canyon. Backpacking is one of the most rewarding things someone can experience. Also if your student hasn’t been to Europe yet, now is the time! Amsterdam is an affordable entrance point to Europe with tickets often less than $500. Then your student can travel around Europe with Easyjet or Eurorail.


Other fun and affordable choices


People often assume that cruises are expensive, but forget to keep in mind that cruises are all inclusive. Cruises run for as little as $70 a day without airfare. This means that your student gets to sleep, eat, tan and adventure all for one price.
Go on a road trip! This is often the most affordable option. Map out a trip to destinations close by that your student hasn’t been to yet. National parks are everywhere. Check out the nearest place to pitch a tent for a night or a low-cost hotel in a pretty location.

Brittney Franklin

Brittney Franklin is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is majoring in Communications and minoring in Business. She is the Social Media Intern at CollegiateParent.

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