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Using your bilingual articles


We've compiled some of the best practices for using your articles and sharing them with your families.

Accessing your articles

Go your content package's main page to view your articles (Starting College, First in College). From there, you can access both the full Content Package, and each individual article.

  • The full package is compiled as a booklet. You may share the link to the interactive web book version, or you may download the pdf version.
  • The individual articles in Spanish and English are available in two formats: Links and Downloadable PDFs. Simply click the corresponding link to access the article.

Sharing on Social Media

We highly encourage using the links to share on Social media. Simply paste the link into your post or tweet to share. On Facebook, when you paste the link a short description with an image should automatically appear.

Sharing in your eNews

If you are using CollegiateParent's eNews services, simply tell your account manager which article you would like to feature in your eNews. They add your chosen article title, an excerpt, an image, and the link.

If you create your own eNews, we recommend following a similar format. As many parents read eNews on their mobile phones, it tends to be easier for them to navigate if they can click from your eNews to the full article.

Sharing at events

You are welcome to print any of the articles. The individual article pdfs are designed for printing on 8.5x11 paper. Most can be printed on one page back and front. If you would like a printed and bound version of the full book, please see our upgrades page here.

Comment with your favorite ways to use the articles below!

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