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Content Package FAQs


How should I attribute the articles?

  • If you are sharing the link to the article on CollegiateParent, you do not need to provide additional attribution.
  • The PDF versions of the articles provided on your landing page are also already properly attributed.
  • All other uses need to include two things:
    • At the top of the article, include "by CollegiateParent"
    • At the bottom of the article, include "Article originally published by CollegiateParent"

How many times can I share the articles?

As long as the way you are sharing the articles complies with our terms of use, you are welcome to share the articles an unlimited number of times.

Can I change or update the articles?

The articles are intended to be used as is. If you would like to alter, edit, or supplement the content, please contact your account manager to have the changes preapproved.

Can I use the articles with multiple email lists?

The articles are intended for for use by one university. If you have multiple lists of your university's students and/or families, you are welcome to share the articles with them. Please do not share the articles with other universities.

How long can I use the articles?

You may use the articles throughout the term of your use agreement. At the end of that term you may:

  • Renew your membership, which would allow you to continue use of the content you have purchased, and use additional articles for the new membership year, or
  • Cease use of the articles.

Can I share other articles on CollegiateParent that are not a part of my content package?

The public articles on CollegiateParent may be shared under the following conditions:

  • You may include a direct link to the article on on your social media, website, eNews, etc.
  • You may include the title and no more than one sentence of the article along with a link to the full article in those areas.

You may not reproduce the text of the article in any digital or print form without written permission from CollegiateParent. If there is an article on the public CollegiateParent site that you would like to use, please contact your account manager.

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