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Property Viewing Checklist


As your student hunts for housing, it is critical for them to reflect on what aspects of a living space are most important. This comprehensive checklist will help them keep track of the features of each property and make a well-informed decision.

Use this checklist to make note of the different features in your potential housing options. Download the PDF here to print.

Property viewing checklist for college

Baffled by some of the vocabulary you're encountering during the housing search? Check out our Glossary of Leasing Terms.
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    Beverly Orourke
    Beverly Orourke
    4 months ago

    My freshmen did not get into the dorms. what are our options?

    Kelsey Gast
    3 months ago

    Hi, Beverly,

    Thank you for reaching out. Every university handles their housing differently, so it will be best to reach out directly to your student's university for advice. That being said, if your student lives off campus, they should do their best to get involved on campus. This can help to feel more engaged with the community and university when they are not living in the dorms.

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