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Get the Guide:
Your High School Student’s Final Semester

Get the Guide:
Your High School Student’s Final Semester

Your guide for helping your student stay on top their last semester, while still finding time to enjoy the ride.

Senior year of high school brings ups and downs, tears and moments of joy. All the while, you’re there supporting your student’s choices, cheering their triumphs, easing their pain and loving them as fiercely as you always have.

Whether your student was admitted to college early, sent their applications moments before the January 1st deadline, or is taking a break before pursuing the college path, you may be ready for some moral support.

Our guide will help you keep the big picture in perspective, along with what your student should be doing and how you can help throughout the next few months.

The following pages will help you and your student work together on:
  • Finding cures for “senioritis”
  • Making the final college choice
  • What to do if your student is waitlisted
  • Options if college isn’t the right path for your student right now
  • Enjoying what’s left of the ride: Senior year beyond applications
  • And more!

It’s the final countdown. Big choices and big changes are on the horizon — for you and your student. CollegiateParent is here to help. Download your guide now »