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Did You Know? Facts about DU

University of Denver

There are many interesting facts and stats about DU, test your knowledge below:

• Founded in 1864, the University of Denver is the oldest independent institution of higher education in the Rocky Mountain region.

• University of Denver was ranked #5 in 2019 Forbes Best In-State Employer

• To resist oppression and actively seek social justice, we recognize the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, and all of the original Indigenous peoples of the land upon which the University of Denver stands. To learn more about DU’s recognition and reconciliation of their involvement in the Sand Creek Massacre, please review the John Evans report.

• 84% of DU students receive some form of financial assistance.

• Daniels College of Business undergraduate program is ranked #64 in the nation by BusinessWeek, and is the highest-ranked undergraduate business program in Colorado.

• DU is committed to environmental conservation and sustainability efforts. 8,000 people participated in Center for Sustainability programs in 2018-2019

• In 1941, the DU College of Law hired the first female law professor in U.S. history.

• DU’s Meyer-Womble Observatory sits atop 14,418-foot Mount Evans, which was named after the founder of the University, John Evans. This location gives it the second-highest vantage point of any telescope on Earth. The telescope’s resolution rivals that of the Hubble Space Telescope.

• DU is ranked 3rd nationally among doctoral/research institutions for the percentage of students who participate in study abroad experiences.

• In November 2007, DU joined top 3% of US colleges and universities in that we include gender identity and gender expression, in addition to sexual orientation, in our non-discrimination policy.

• University Hall, the oldest building on campus, was built over 100 years ago at exactly 5,280 feet above sea level.

• The Evans Memorial Chapel was built in 1878 at 13th and Bannock streets (downtown) and was moved to campus in pieces in 1958 to where it stands today.

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