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By Diana Barber

Do you want your college student to grow, learn and develop critical professional behaviors, confidence and skills?

How about their development of new perspectives on travel, culture, language and communication skills in our global world? Prepare your student for success by allowing them the affordable opportunity to explore Germany, Switzerland and Italy — and earn college credit! — in summer 2017.

Recent studies (University of California, Merced, 2015) have shown that 97% of students who have studied abroad found employment within one year of graduation compared to 49% of college graduates who did not partake in a study abroad program while in college during the same time period. In addition, study abroad students earn 25% higher starting salaries than college graduates who did not attend a study abroad program while in college.  Other benefits of studying abroad include confidence in dealing with a culturally diverse workforce and making life-long friendships that are not only wonderful on a personal level but also create an invaluable resource for networking in the coming years for future careers.

Your college student will be naturally curious when they learn about how Italian wineries grow and harvest grapes. Likewise, he or she will be interested in Switzerland’s green environmentally sustainable practices and what they can do to implement these new ideas into their personal and professional everyday life. Students also find it interesting how hotels are rated in Europe and how that differs from American hotels. These topics, and many others, will be discovered during their academic journey via the Hospitality and Culinary: A European Tour study abroad experience in the summer of 2017.

This trip truly is life changing. I have rerouted where I see my life going professionally. – Stephanie S.

Studying abroad has certainly become a pre-requisite for your student’s future career. Our world today goes beyond borders. American businesses are expanding their portfolios to include businesses developing and operating in many European countries. Global awareness is crucial to compete in today’s increasingly interconnected society. A study abroad experience in foreign countries should be on every college student’s resume. During interviews for employment, students who have returned from studying abroad find the main topic of conversation during the interview is what they learned while studying abroad. Their excitement and passion developed during the study abroad experience shines through and the prospective employer learns more about your son or daughter’s experience in ways sometimes difficult to communicate during an interview.

European hospitality and culinary is unlike American hospitality and culinary in so many ways. In order to truly appreciate the differences, one must go off campus and into the world. Simply reading about the distinct, various and diverse ways will not provide the necessary learning atmosphere necessary to fully grasp the cultural differences. For example, in the United States, if one wants to be a server in a restaurant, they simply apply for the position, undergo an interview and, if they meet the minimum requirements, they start working; maybe with a bit of training. In Europe however, being a server in a restaurant is not just a job, it is a career which requires certain higher educational levels and certification. This is just one of the many differences they will encounter during their international adventure.

Hospitality and Culinary: A European Tour is customized and uniquely designed to allow students to visit and explore areas where other programs don’t reach. Touring unique venues such as the KKL Concert Hall in Lucerne, Switzerland, attending a lecture on culinary tourism at the Cesar Ritz College Culinary Program and touring the most magnificent hotels in the world, coupled with lectures from the hotel’s executive team are just a few of the features that make our program unique. Rather than sitting in a classroom as many programs do, the Hospitality and Culinary: A European Tour study abroad experience takes students on a journey where they immerse themselves with hospitality, culinary and culture. Click here to find out more about the program and available scholarships.

Need more proof? Here is what past attendees have to say about the program!

“This trip was truly more remarkable than I ever expected. The visits to the hotels, businesses, and landmarks were exceptional. I enjoyed the way of living the people possessed and the passion displayed in all they do.  It inspired me to build the life I want for myself and work tirelessly until I’m at the top.” Kyle W.

“A true once in a lifetime experience and glimpse into the European hospitality experience. I highly recommend this program!” Kiana N.

“It is an enriching and eye-opening experience.” Tobi N.

“The European Hospitality Study Abroad trip was the most amazing experience of my life. From seeing beautiful places in the world to speaking with top industry leaders, it truly is incredible to see how the rest of the world says 'welcome' through their words and their actions.” Betsy G.

“This trip was very inspiring and opened my eyes to many international career opportunities.” Danielle G.

“Not only am I changed professionally, this trip has greatly impacted me personally as well.” Jenn S.

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