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What You Need To Know About Parking on Campus

University of Montevallo

Students parking on campus must register their vehicles and/or motorcycles annually, along with paying a $35.00 fee, in order to obtain a UM campus parking permit.

Follow these steps to register your vehicle online:

  1. Vehicles owned by Faculty, Staff or Students must register online through BossCars via the ForUM Banner Tab, following online instructions.
  2. At the end of the online registration, you will receive a confirmation in the form of a Temporary Permit, which will be valid for five (5) days.
  3. Print this form and place it in the inside, passenger-side windshield until you receive your regular permit.

RESIDENT STUDENTS: Within two (2) business days, the permit will be delivered to your UM mailboxes located on the bottom floor of Farmer Hall.

COMMUTER STUDENTS: The address that you list in the online registration is where your decal will be mailed. Please confirm your address before submitting the form. Please allow five (5) business days for your form to be delivered. As previously mentioned, the Temporary Permit will be valid for five (5) days.

The following information is required for registration:

  1. Name and address (campus and home).
  2. Vehicle description, license plate number.
  3. UMID Number (M #).

Disabled Parking Permit Registration

Faculty/Staff and students who have state disabled parking placards or license plates must have university-issued disabled parking permits to park in Blue Zone parking spaces. In order to be issued a UM blue disabled parking permit, you must purchase your UM parking permit and turn it in to the Disability Support Services Office (located in Main Hall) along with a receipt or registration for your state placard/license plate.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary Parking Permits are for short-term use in the event that your University-registered vehicle is being repaired or if your parking permit is temporarily misplaced or forgotten. These may be obtained at UM Police Dispatch Office, located in the Physical Plant, 24-7. Guests must also register their vehicle through the UM Police Dispatch office to receive a Temporary Permit.

Other Responsibilities of Registrants

The person to whom the parking permit is registered will be responsible for any violations pertaining to that parking permit, regardless of who is operating or owns the vehicle. Replacement of lost, stolen, or destroyed parking permits will be at the expense of the registrant for $35.00.

Student Permit Placement

Upon registration, commuter and resident student drivers will be issued a decal (sticker) parking permit. These parking permits are to be affixed to the inside front windshield, on the lower passenger side. Decal permits should not be taped but properly attached to the windshield, in full view from the front of your vehicle. Failure to comply may result in parking privileges being revoked.

Campus Parking Zones

Responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the operator of each vehicle. The lack of parking spaces in a certain area or inclement weather is not a valid excuse for violation of University parking regulations. By matching the color of the parking permit with the color of the parking space (see list below), surface striping, or signs in the parking areas, drivers will ensure adequate parking for all and avoid receiving tickets for parking in unauthorized areas. 20-minute parking spaces on campus are enforced 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Parking Zone Colors & Permit Types

RED zone – Commuter students
GREEN zone – Residence Hall students
WHITE zone – Faculty/Staff
BLUE zone – Persons with disabilities
YELLOW zone – Overflow/All Permits (parking spaces only, not curbs)

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