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February is National Financial Aid Month! Soon your student will be able to accept financial aid for the 2019–20 academic year. Here is a guide for determining what financial aid to accept:

#1: The first rule is to use free money first (scholarships and grants), then earned money (work-study), then borrowed money (federal student loans). Start from the top of this table and work your way down:

Types of Aid











#2 - Accept the loans with the most favorable terms and conditions. That usually means federal student loans first. If you are considering getting a private or alternative student loan, you should first learn about the differences between federal and private loans.

#3 - Borrow only what you need. If your living expenses are not going to be as high as the amount estimated by your school, you have the right to turn down the loan or to request a lower loan amount. Manage your money by listing your college expenses and the resources you’ll have available to pay them. Making a budget will help.

Does your student need additional help? Encourage them to visit the One Stop Student Service Center on the 2nd floor of University Pavilion. Our office can also be reached at 513-556-1000 or [email protected].

1098-T Form FAQs

What is it?

Colleges and universities are required by U.S. law each year to provide each student who is a “U.S. person” with Form 1098-T for tax purposes. To assist the students and their families in computing any tax credit or deduction they may be able to claim based on amounts they have spent for education.

What’s on it?

The 1098-T shows all the charges and payments on your account during the calendar year regardless of the semester bill in which they are posted. Note: Spring semester begins in January.

How do I get it?

Your student can access and print this form by logging into their Catalyst portal. In order to obtain access to the form, parents and family members must be granted delegated access to their student’s account. Your student may delegate access in their Catalyst portal under the “Quick Links & Helpful Contacts” tile.

University of Cincinnati Parent and Family Programs

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