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Have you talked with your freshman son or daughter about decision making when it comes to his/her personal health and safety?  We know your students may encounter some challenges in their transition to college, but the faculty and staff at MTSU are here to support them every step of the way.  One way we hope to do so is by facilitating healthy behaviors.  Research shows that healthier students are better students who are more productive, have more energy, and earn higher GPAs!

To that end, we are asking all freshmen to complete a brand new program called It Matters.  Offered entirely online, It Matters aims to provide students with information and resources on health and safety topics that can have a lot of influence on their personal successes as students and in life in general.

Later this month, all first year students will receive an email at their MTSU email address with a link to the curriculum.  It will be available over a period of three weeks for them to complete at their own pace.  At the conclusion of the curriculum, they will be provided with a list of campus resources that can help them with any follow up questions or concerns they may have.  Help us help them by checking in with your students towards the end of the month and asking if they have completed It Matters.

Here’s to a healthy and happy start to the school year for all our freshmen!


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