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If your student is living on campus, we hope they are getting settled into their residence hall and the new academic school year. If you have a residential student, we encourage you to review the following tips from UC’s Housing Office to help ensure you and your Bearcat have a smooth transition into our residential communities. Your student received a similar message from Housing last week. 

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Where can my student use their meal plan?
  • Dining Centers offer all-you-care-to-eat at the following locations:
    • MarketPointe – relaxed indoor and outdoor dining by Calhoun and Siddall Halls
    • CenterCourt – your dining HQ in the Campus Recreation Center
    • StadiumView Café – around the corner from CenterCourt, facing Nippert Stadium
    • OTG (On the Green) – in Marian Spencer Hall
  • Meal exchange/grab-n-go allows your Bearcat to grab a meal to go at the following locations:
    • Catskeller (inside Tangeman University Center)
    • DAAP Café
    • Bleecker Street Café on the UC Blue Ash campus
    • Stadium View Café
What should my student do if they have a food allergy?
  • We work with students that have special dietary needs on a case-by-case basis. If your student falls into this category, they may contact Katy Wahlke at u[email protected] for more information about their options and choices. Some of the available resources include meeting our campus executive chef and reviewing menus and ingredients. In addition, signs are posted in the dining centers to indicate items that contain nuts. Peanut oil is not used in any of our cooking. The following items are made without gluten on a daily basis: bread (upon request), personal-sized pizza (upon request), cereal, and soup. Soy milk is also available.
How do students report maintenance issues for their room/apartment?
  • Students have two options for submitting maintenance requests: 1) They may notify their RA directly, or 2) They may report the issue to the front desk staff of their hall and a maintenance work order will be submitted on their behalf.
 How does my Bearcat request a room change?
  • The room swap/change form will be available beginning the third (3rd) week of the semester on the housing website.
 How do I send mail to my student?
  • For Amazon packages, we encourage you to utilize the [email protected] (241 Calhoun St., Cincinnati, OH 45219) pick-up and drop-off location across from Calhoun Hall. To ensure your package reaches its destination, please using the addresses below. Please do not use the Google address.

Use the following format to send your student mail:

Room #, Hall Name
Address (Insert the appropriate address from below according to your student’s hall)


Calhoun Hall
240 Calhoun Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3509

Campus Park
195 E. McMillan Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Campus Recreation Center Hall
101 W. Daniels Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3911

Dabney Hall
101 W. Daniels Steet
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3911

Daniels Hall
45 W. Daniels Street
Cincinnati,OH 45219-3912

Morgens Hall
2931 Scioto Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Schneider Hall
60 W. Daniels Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Scioto Hall
2921 Scioto Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Siddall Hall
2540 Corbett Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3914

Stetson Sqaure
3010 Eden Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Stratford Heights
2634 Stratford Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Turner Hall
45 W. University Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219

255 Calhoun St
Cincinnati, OH 45219

University Edge Apartments
3250 Jefferson Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220

University Park Apartments
2545 Dennis Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

VP3 Apartments
30 E Corry
Cincinnati, OH 45219

101 E Corry
101 East Corry Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

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