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By Hailey Doss

The end of the semester can be a real grind. Students get so caught up with work, they forget to eat right and take breaks. Support your student by sharing some fun and effective study tips that will help them survive and thrive during finals.

Treat Yourself!

Set goals for yourself, like finishing a chapter or certain number of problems. Then reward yourself with a sweet treat. This will help encourage you to keep studying even when it's late at night.

Brain Food

Although we often rely on caffeine, it’s much better to drink water with just an occasional cup of coffee. Snacking on blueberries and apples also stimulates brain memory!

Times New Roman Font

When reading notes, set the font as Times New Roman. It is the fastest font to read and comprehend.

Stuffed Animals

Childish? Maybe. Embrace your inner child and talk to your stuffed animals. Okay, maybe not talk to them but teach them! The best way to memorize information is to teach it by reading it to others. (My teddy bear is now proficient is neuroscience.)

Instrumental Music

Listening to light music in the background while you study helps you take in the information you really need. We recommend the "Classical for Studying Radio" playlist for some awesome instrumental music. Are you a Spotify type of person? We’re pretty sure they have the same thing — check it out.

Study Breaks

Take a study break every 25 minutes. This will help you remember what you are actually studying. More importantly, it will help relieve stress. We suggest exercise or petting animals. NO INTERNET OR PHONE. (If this seems impossible, lock down your computer screen. It’s a nice compromise.)

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