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The Office of Student Success launched an exciting, new initiative this fall semester by offering specialized tutoring in Study Skills and Learning Strategies. Knowing how to study is a fundamental step to the learning process. To be a successful student, Study Skills is critical! Without this knowledge, a student might struggle, give up, and/or consequently fail a course. Please encourage your student to attend one or more of these Study Skills sessions at the Tutoring Spot in Walker Library.


Tutoring at MTSU has a significant, and positive impact on students that receive the services compared to a matched sample of those that did not receive tutoring, according to a recent study.

The study was conducted by the Office of Student Success during the spring 2016 semester to determine the impact of tutoring on student retention, and persistence rates. Dr. Cornelia Wills conducted the study using data provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research.

The good and positive news is retention rates for students that received tutoring were significantly higher than those that did not receive tutoring. Highlights of the study revealed that:

  • Students that received tutoring were retained at 14 percentage points higher (77.78%) than those in the comparative group that did not receive tutoring (63.89%).
  • Tutoring was more evident and had an even greater impact at the junior level. Juniors that received tutoring were retained at 100%, which is 41 percentage points higher than those in the comparative group who did not and retained at 58.93%.
  • The next greatest impact was at the sophomore level: The 79.17% retention rate for sophomores that received tutoring was nearly ten percentage points higher than those that received no tutoring and had a retention rate of 69.79%.

In summary, data show that tutoring at MTSU has a positive impact on both persistence and retention rates, as much as 41% at the junior level for a matched sample. From these data, it can be concluded that those who academically need tutoring assistance and seek it, are helped and retained to a greater degree.

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