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Spring break tips to share with your KSU student!

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By Ashley Berberich

Spring Break is just around the corner (March 31–April 6)! We asked our experienced KSU Health Clinic professionals for tips they'd like to share from years of experience working with college students. Here is their Spring Break Top 10!

1. Research the destination.

If your student is leaving the country, they should research information about vaccines and medicines for traveling abroad at and schedule a travel visit at one of KSU’s three on-campus Student Health Services’ clinics. (They can call (470) 578-6644 to schedule an appointment.) Your student should also look up the address for urgent care, health clinics and hospitals close to the area they’re staying.

2. Download a safety app.

Your student can let you and their friends know they are safe by downloading a safety app and setting up notifications to send to their emergency contact(s). We recommend LiveSafe, which allows the user to set up a location, report tips, send notifications to emergency contacts when they’ve made it safely to a destination, and provide local informational resources.

3. Bring documents.

Before they leave, your student should bring a photo ID (such as a driver’s license), medical insurance information, car insurance information (if applicable), passport (if leaving the country) and emergency contact information with them.

4. Pack prescription medication.

Health first! Make sure your student brings their prescription medications and a first aid kit.

5. Prepare for the weather.

Have your student check the weather so they can know what type of apparel to bring. Long sleeves and bug spray are recommended to avoid insect bites, and sunblock is essential to prevent skin damage.

6. Take turns driving during a road trip, and never drink and drive.

If the destination is a long drive away, remind your student to take turns driving with their friends. Fatigue is a common cause of car accidents. Make sure your student has downloaded a transportation app such as Lyft or Uber to their phone or has contact information for a local taxi service if they’re going to be drinking alcohol.

7. Stay in a room above the first floor and protect valuables.

When booking a lodging room, avoid the first floor as much as possible because it’s more vulnerable to break-ins. Your student should look for the emergency exits/escapes in their hotel room as well. Your student should lock valuable items in their trunk when leaving the vehicle. If their hotel provides a safe, have them use it to protect valuable documents and items.

8. Take along a copy of the lodging’s business card and use the buddy system.

When leaving their lodging area, your student should take a copy of that lodge’s business card with them so they will always have contact and location information in case they get lost, or their smartphone isn’t available to use.

Going to a new place can be dangerous when by yourself. Your student should stick with their friends as much as possible while on vacation to prevent confrontations with strangers and to avoid getting lost.

9. Practice safe sex.

Your student should always be smart about sexual encounters and bring protection with them to use should they choose to have sex.

10. Drink responsibly, and hydrate for health!

Your student should never accept drinks from strangers and keep their eye out on their beverage at all times. Remind them to drink plenty of water, especially if they are heading to a warm climate.

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