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Sooner Parents supports students in need

Sooner Parents

Suit Up at OU allows student to afford interview attire.The Sooner Parents Executive Committee voted to increase its support this spring of the OU Suit Up program and Financial Aid Services Emergency Funding.

OU Suit Up partners with JCPenney to provide scholarships for students to receive a suit and shoes for interviews and professional events at no cost. At the evening shopping event, OU students can also receive deep discounts offered by JCPenney, and numerous OU staff members volunteer to help students with clothing selection.

In 2016, 675 students participated in the event and 53 students were awarded scholarships totaling over $8,000. More than $192,000 worth of clothing was purchased at the event and JCPenney provided $128,000 in discounts.

"Sooner Suit Up has given me the opportunity to get my first professional suit that I will be wearing for the career fair... Where I come from, owning a suit is not a norm. By owning one, it gives me a confidence boost for job and internship interviews."

Each year, many students find themselves dealing with an unexpected financial situation or family tragedy. Emergency funding is distributed through Financial Aid Services to help students get back on track and refocus on their academics.

Sooner Parents continues to make an impact across campus!


FEATURE PHOTO: Sooner Parents President Mike Kaufmann, Shayna Pond, Carlos Rubio Regalado, Sharon Alexander (Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations, College of Arts and Sciences), Kimberly Aguirre

SMALLER PHOTO: Brad Burnett, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Student Financial Services, with Sooner Parents President Mike Kaufmann

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