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Daffodil Dash 5K

Please join us for our 14th Daffodil Dash 5K Race on Friday, April 21, 2017. The race will be held at 3 p.m. An awards ceremony will be held immediately after the race and participants are invited inside the Recreation and Wellness Center for a variety of food and beverage items.

Membership Appreciation Night

Join us for food and fun! Enjoy local vendor food, drinks, coupons, discount offers, activities and more as we thank you for your patronage. T-shirts and other SWAG items will be available while supplies last! Thank you for being the best you!

  • Kennesaw Campus | April 11 @ 5–8 p.m.
  • Marietta Campus | April 14 @ 5–8 p.m.

Upcoming Nature Bound Trips

April 10 | Stand-Up Paddleboarding — Lake Acworth, GA
April 19 | Evening Mountain Biking — Allatoona Lake, GA
  • This is a fun and inclusive mountain biking trip designed for all levels of participants! There are over 22 miles of active trails with an emphasis on accommodating all skilled riders. This spring trip will be an excellent way to get your foot in the door or hone your existing skills. Allatoona Creek encompasses a beautiful trail system perfect for shredding.
  • Difficulty Rating/Experience needed: No experience needed
  • Register:
April 20 | Bike Ride — Noonday Creek Trail, GA
April 9 | Hang Gliding — Lookout Mountain, TN

Spring Clinics

Plant Identification: WED | April 12, 11am–1pm | OA Suite
  • Clinic Instructor: Becca
  • Clinic Information: In this clinic we will be covering the basics of plant identification. We will learn to identify plants you come across from day to day, both helpful and harmful, and discover their potential uses.
Kayak Skills & Rolling: WED | April 12, 4–6pm | Kennesaw Pool
  • Clinic Instructor: Joel
  • Clinic Information: Learn the basics of kayaking and get one-on-one instruction on rolling a kayak. Walk-ins welcome!
Mountain Biking Knowledge: TUES | April 11, 2pm | OA Suite
  • Clinic Instructor: Adam
  • Clinic Information: Come learn mountain bike handling and technique and find out information on local trails available to you and your skill set.

Spring Special Events

April 13, 6–11 p.m. | A Night by the Campfire

Field between Howell & Norton

Enjoy a wonderful night warming up by the fire, making s'mores and making friends. First 100 participants will receive an event T-shirt!

April 20 | Trivia Night | 6–8pm | Climbing Gym

Gather your friends to create a team that can crush trivia that will cover general knowledge, pop culture and climbing wisdom.

April 22 | OwlFit Training Workshop

TRX Suspension Course | 9am–5pm | Kennesaw Campus

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