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Resource of the Month: Dean of Students Office

University of Cincinnati Parent and Family Programs

The Dean of Students Office serves students and their families as they navigate the collegiate experience through support services and resources committed to students’ advocacy, safety, and well-being. The office also provides a timely and appropriate response to various forms of crisis, conflict, and risk to students.

Some of these services include:

CARE Team: The Crisis, Assessment, Referral, Evaluation (CARE) Team responds when a student has expressed concerning behavior.  The team develops and implements a coordinated plan for assessment, intervention, and management of the concerns to support the well-being of the student and the university community.


Tuition Refund Application: The University of Cincinnati understands that from time to time students face serious hardship or misfortune that impedes their ability to successfully complete the term. The Tuition Refund Application process offers students the opportunity to appeal university-related educational costs they have incurred for a particular term if they have experienced extenuating circumstances.


Safe Apartment Program: At the discretion of the Dean of Students, UC provides a safe apartment within our residential community for students who are in crisis and in need of emergency housing.


Bearcats Pantry: The Bearcats Pantry provides free food, hygiene items, and cleaning supplies to students with food and other insecurities. Meal vouchers that can be used at campus dining centers are also available.


Bearcat Emergency Fund: The Bearcat Emergency Fund is designed to provide assistance with unexpected emergency expenses related to an accident, illness, death of a family member, fire damage, medical deductible, need for temporary housing or food, or similar situation.

University of Cincinnati Parent and Family Programs

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