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Preparing for Midterms: Advice to Give Your Student!

Southern Connecticut State University

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we begin week 6 of the semester, it is important that your student is organized and prioritizing their time. Around week 3 or 4, the semester gets “real” for most students as assignments, papers and projects start to come due and exams begin.

Planning and prioritizing time is an important component to your student’s academic success. It is important your student understand how to successfully balance their time throughout each week with classes, homework, work, campus involvement, commute time, eating, sleeping, etc.

At this point, your student should have a few grades back and they should be attending all their classes, handing in assignments, and feeling more settled academically. They should have a good understanding of the course material and what is coming up within the course.

In thinking ahead to midterm exams which occur in mid-October, it is important that your student is reading, taking notes in class, and asking the professor when they do not understand the material.

It is important they do not wait until the night before an exam or until midterms to begin studying, reading the assigned readings, or figuring out the material they need to know. It is important to stress to your student to start early, and even if your student did not receive a grade on a particular assignment, the assignment is an important learning tool. It contributed to your student learning the course material and helps them measure their understanding of the material.

Here are some talking tips to help gauge how your student has started off the semester. Questions to ask:

  1. Have they received any grades back from any courses?
  2. How much reading have they had to complete for each course?
  3. Do they understand the material in each course?
  4. Do they understand the syllabus from each course?
  5. Have they gone for extra help or talked with their professors about any material they are covering?
  6. Are they are attending class?
  7. Do they like their classes?
  8. How are they taking notes?

Some of these questions get right to the point, while others can help gauge how they are completing their work and assignments.

If your student seems to be struggling, please remind them to come to the 3rd floor of Buley Library where they can get support from the Academic Success Center on any of the above-mentioned strategies and much more!

Dr. Katie De Oliveira
SCSU Director of the Academic Success Center
(203) 392-5186
[email protected]

Southern Connecticut State University

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