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Greetings to our UM family! Whether you are the parent of a senior or a newly minted freshman, there is a certain amount of excitement that comes with the start of each new semester. This is the year that your student can make a new start or can continue to make great strides towards the career they seek. The University of Montevallo is dedicated to providing the support that will help your student succeed. Information about the many forms this care can take are listed below. We hope you remember these services when your student expresses a need during the semester. Unless otherwise noted, departments are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday. More information can be found at

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center provides help with job search skills or choosing a major. Career services include career assessments and employability skills training; information regarding full and part-time jobs; information about on-campus interviews, internships, and graduate school; career events; and seminars on various career-related topics.

Counseling Services

Students deal with a variety of issues when making the transition to college and sometimes need the help of a counselor. By appointment, our staff provides counseling services including mental health screening and evaluation/assessment, as well as short-term personal, group, and crisis intervention counseling. Referrals for students with needs that fall outside the scope of our department’s practice will be made.

Disability Support Services

Students with physical, emotional and learning disabilities can work with the department of Disability Support Services to arrange accommodations. A variety of accommodations and services are available through DSS. Please contact the office of Disability Support Services in order to make arrangements for documented needs. If your student has an injury that requires accommodations during the semester, you can contact DSS to help arrange for temporary parking and other types of accommodations.

The Harbert Writing Center

The Harbet Writing Center offers free consultation services to writers at all stages of the writing process. HWC Writing Consultants are trained to assist members of the University of Montevallo community with writing projects across the curriculum. No appointment is necessary. We are located in Comer Hall Rm 311. Please call (205) 665-6438 for more information or visit their webpage at

Student Health Services

Where does your student go when they are sick at school? Student Health Services provides direct, basic care and health assessments to students and serves as a referral source for students needing care beyond that available on campus. Most services are covered by the undergraduate health fee.

Housing and Residence Life

The University of Montevallo residence halls offer students an opportunity to share a spirit of community that enriches their collegiate experience. Research shows that living on campus during the freshman year is a positive factor in student success. For more information visit

The Learning Enrichment Center

The Learning Enrichment Center supports academic success by providing free services including individual and group tutoring, group study and academic needs assessment. Please call (205) 665-6113 for more information.

Public Safety

The University of Montevallo Police Department is responsible for maintaining campus security and providing a safe environment for campus life. We provide the University with a full service Public Safety Agency that is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We encourage prompt reporting of all crimes and suspicious activity to the UMPD. Please feel free to contact any member of the UM Police Department with questions on services we provide.

Student Life

Getting involved in extracurricular activities is one way your student can expand his or her academic experience beyond the classroom. With close to 100 campus organizations to choose from, there is something for everyone. For more information, visit

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