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Pardon Our Dust: Campus construction and renovations update

University of Southern Indiana

Well, it’s been a busy summer around campus with several new construction projects and other renovations to existing spaces under way or recently completed. We sat down with Jim Wolfe, director of Facility Operations and Planning, to get a rundown of some of these projects. Here are some updates on what you may see now, or when you return/arrive to campus for the fall semester:

Welcome Center Groundbreaking and Construction

An official ground breaking for the new Fuquay Welcome Center, to be located adjacent to the Orr Center, is planned for September 1. More details about the project will be released at that time. However, in the meantime, a construction fence has already gone up and some preliminary tree removal has taken place in the lawn between the Orr Center and the Performance Center. You'll notice that the sidewalk between the Performance Center and the University Center (UC) is temporarily closed during construction. Soon, a decorative fence wrap will go up around the construction site and remain in place until the project is complete. Wolfe says trees will be planted around campus to replace those being removed for the project.

The 6,000-square-foot facility will serve as the central point for convening all campus tours, as well as accommodating the more than 200,000 people who annually use the USI campus for activities other than academic classes. The building also will feature an accessible green roof that will include walkways, patios and seating areas. The project is expected to take 9 months to a year to complete. We’ll keep you updated as more details about the project are finalized.

Read about more renovations happening on Campus here:

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University of Southern Indiana

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