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By Justin Koonz

Finals are upon your students now so please ensure they are studying and getting the rest breaks they need to re-energize. Congrats to all those students graduating and to their families for making it through their college career as a team.

Summer courses start soon, but residential students do not have to be enrolled over summer to stay in housing. For most students, their contract goes until July 27th and they are allowed to stay in their room until that time; some students will need to move out. Contact Housing if you are unsure of your move out date.

Some students like to get summer jobs or internships and stay in the Kennesaw/Marietta area, rather than moving home. Others enroll in summer courses to ensure a 4-year graduation. For those students who choose to stay with us we have continued services all summer long.

Midnight breakfasts during finals!

During May we have a midnight breakfasts where students can come out during finals and take a break. We typically have different foods, drinks, and fun around midnight on different nights in different communities. Make sure your student is eating well and getting sleep during this time to perform well on their end of the year assignments. As always, if they need help we have resources available for them in many facets so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you think they need assistance, but check with your student first.

Summer Residence Life programs

During the summer months Residence Life still hosts programs for students to attend. We typically have outdoor, water, and relaxing events, that still somehow educate students on topics that vary. We will advertise in the halls and on social media, so make sure you student is connected with us to stay involved.

If your student is still looking for housing on campus and is having trouble at this time please have them contact our Housing office at (478) 578-5483 and we can help them find a solution or let them know their status. Summer months are typically when on campus Housing starts to fill up in many areas.

As always, make sure your students are connecting with us on social media to stay informed. You can find our social media links on our website, You can also always call (470) 578-4388 if you need assistance.

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