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On-campus housing: March Madness

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By Justin Koonz

March is the mid-point for students in their spring academic pursuits. Make sure you are checking in with them about how they are doing, and know that Residence Life is here to help. We have many resources and partners we work with on campus to provide the academic support your student needs. You can find more information about the services offered by clicking here.

On-campus housing sign-ups for Fall 2017 now open

You can find specific dates on our website and if you have further questions please call the Housing office at 470-578-5483. We look forward to your student living on campus with us in the fall semester!

March activities

We have many programs during the month of March; check our social media links for more details as they evolve. As always, make sure your students are connecting with us on social media to stay informed. You can find our social media links on our website, You can also always contact us at 470-578-4388 if you need assistance.

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