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March is National Nutrition Month

MT Dining is helping students learn what healthy food can do to feed their potential and accomplish their best. Last month we sampled some great Eat Well selections in the dining halls, and this month we will be partnering with campus organizations to help our students make good choices when it comes to eating, sleeping and staying healthy.

Spring is in the air!

We are busy planning some of our most exciting events for this semester – Spring Fling (cookout), our Carnival (with games and novelties), dusting off our meat smoker, Peep crafts, Exam Jam and more! We know your students are also busy planning and finishing up the semester, so hopefully they will be able to take a break with us and have some fun. It’s also getting close to sign-up time for Fall 2017–Spring 2018 meal plans. Our team will be out and about answering students’ questions and getting them signed up. Next year’s meal plans will go on sale beginning in April.

Don’t let your student forget…

The menus and nutritional information for each meal served at Raider Zone and McCallie are available online at

Students can take their food to-go from the dining halls. This gives students another “to-go” option outside of the other restaurants on campus like Chick-fil-a, Steak and Shake and Popeyes.

Students on a meal plan can use their Meal Equivalency once per meal period! That’s up to four times per day!

Students with FlexBucks can get all their convenience items right here on campus! FlexBucks can be used at any MT Dining location, including the PODs! This means they can get coffee, snacks, frozen entrees, milk, last minute toiletries and office supplies and scantrons with their meal plans and not have to come out of pocket – great for those students who still have a heavy balance.

Upcoming Events:

3/2 – Caribbean Feast at McCalle, Lunch

3/2 – Taco Day at Raider Zone

3/14 – March Madness at McCallie, Dinner

3/14 – March Madness at Raider Zone

3/15 – Birthday Celebration at Raider Zone

3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at McCallie, All Day

3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Raider Zone

3/20 – Fan Favorite – Sushi Day at McCallie, Lunch

3/23 – Spring Fling at McCallie, Lunch

3/20 – National Nutrition Month Fair at Raider Zone

3/23 – Fan Favorite - Maximum Mexican at Raider Zone

3/28 – National Nutrition Month Fair at McCallie, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.

3/29 – Birthday Celebration at McCallie

3/30 – Mediterranean Cruise at Raider Zone

3/31 – Beach Paradise at McCallie

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4 years ago

Are the mini meal plans still available? I cant find them through the provided link, and i need to add meals to my son's account.

Robin Ford
Robin Ford
4 years ago

My student is SO happy about these changes, as are my husband and I. There was not enough variety before, and certainly not enough healthy choices. Thank you for making these improvements!

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