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By Nicole Phillips

The Office of Student Advocacy is leading this initiative to create a new and historic tradition of respect and support for all members of the KSU community by coordinating the first Kennesaw State Owl Creed Week. The week of events runs January 28th through February 3rd, 2018 and marks the 20th anniversary of the drafting of the Owl Creed by the Student and Human Resources Task Force in 1998.

The week-long celebration will provide the KSU community with opportunities to explore the five action-oriented tenets of the Kennesaw State Owl Creed:

  1. Personal and Academic Excellence
  2. Respect for Others
  3. Encourage Unity
  4. Remain Faithful to Ideas/Determine Threatening Behavior
  5. Develop an Academic and Social Community that is Civilized, Rewarding, and Dynamic

All student organizations and campus academic and administrative departments were invited to propose an activity that would be relevant to any of the Creed Week tenets. As a result, 24 campus offices and departments are participating, with nearly 30 engagement opportunities available to KSU community members during Creed Week.

The planning team and contributors for Creed Week include students who serve on the KSU CivOWLity Advisory Council as well as faculty and staff from across campus. Below is a list of select key activities being featured during this week:

Opening Panel and Reception (Jan. 29, 3–5 p.m.)

"My KSU/Your KSU" is the opening event for Creed Week. A panel of KSU alumni, current students, and historic campus leadership will provide perspectives on their KSU experiences through the lens of the values outlined in the Creed. After the panel discussion, there will be a reception to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Owl Creed.

CivOWLity Competition (Jan.29–Feb. 2)

This ONLINE social media activity is designed to allow students to demonstrate how they have come to understand and apply their knowledge of the Creed to different activities in the form of artistic expression and social engagement. Winners of this competition will be recognized during half-time of the Saturday, February 3rd men's basketball game.

PJs for Peace Rally (Feb. 2, 5–8 p.m.)

Come to this indoor peace rally dressed in your best sleepwear! This celebratory event affirms the fifth tenet of the Creed: "Develop an Academic and Social Community that is Civilized, Rewarding, and Dynamic." There will be food, dancing, games, and other fun activities with music provided by Owl Radio.

KSU Basketball Games (Feb. 3, 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.)

Student Advocacy and KSU Athletics will close out KSU's first ever Creed Week. The Kennesaw State Owl Creed will be affirmed throughout the game via KSU trivia during time-outs, acknowledgements of award winners at half-time of the men's basketball game, Creed on digital display during the games, actual Creed signing, small prize give-aways, and a private VIP reception (tentatively scheduled from 3–5 p.m.; details TBA) to honor award recipients and others who contributed to the success of Creed Week.

Please visit our website to stay current on updates and to view the full schedule of Creek Week offerings. Call 470-578-3546 or email [email protected] for more details.

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