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It’s Your Move: Preventing Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, and Stalking on Campus

University of Montevallo

The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA), which was signed into law on March 7, 2014, legislates new requirements under its Campus Sexual Assault and Violence Elimination (SaVE) provision. In addition to sexual assault, VAWA mandates colleges and universities to report domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking as well as adapt student conduct policies and procedures to better accommodate rights of survivors of these types of crimes. Along with these amendments, VAWA mandates education for all incoming students and training for judicial boards.

The University of Montevallo considers the safety of its students and campus community to be paramount and has adapted and amended all policies and procedures in accordance with these federal mandates. Our commitment to educating students on issues related to campus safety including sexual assault continues, first, with the online educational module “Think about It” required of each incoming student by the time they arrive for Fall Welcome Weekend. During Welcome Weekend, the University provides a second program for all incoming students entitled “Sex Signals,” which highlights the concept of consent as well as bystander intervention. In addition to the education provided to all incoming students, UM provides education to the campus community throughout each semester by providing ongoing training to all students including athletes, Greek organizations and much of the entire student body by incorporating this topic into the curriculum. Finally, students can access information related to these issues from any department within Enrollment & Student Affairs as well as on campus promotional materials, the student newspaper, and the University website.

Visit for more information about “It’s Your Move” as well as about sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.


The University of Montevallo keeps parents informed with the Falcon Family Update.
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