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It's the final countdown...

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By Sandefur Porter

Twas the week before finals...

Join Sports and Recreation for a quick getaway — our modified group fitness schedule can help gear your student for success leading up to finals week!

Our group fitness offers a diverse selection of 19 types of classes covering series of mind and body, specialty, strength, and cardio exercise classes. December 5th is the last day of Fall 2016 group exercise classes. Don’t be sad, we’ll be back January 9th!

Click here to see what we have to offer your student:

[Kennesaw] 2016 Group Exercise Schedule

[Marietta] 2016 Group Exercise Schedule

Why should your student try yin yoga?

"I've got 99 problems, but I'm going to yoga to ignore them all for an hour!"

We all have a lot on our plates. Our brains are racing around, thinking of everything that we need to do for ourselves and for others. Sometimes a stimulating, more yang yoga practice is what we need to calm our minds down and to find moving meditation in yoga. But sometimes a vigorous practice is too stimulating and it doesn’t allow the mind to slow down. That’s where yin yoga comes in.

Yoga is just one of the great options for your student in KSU's group exercise classes. Encourage them to try everything and stay healthy and balanced this winter season.

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