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The continued expansion of Southern’s Faculty-Directed Courses Abroad is part of a University-wide initiative to bring global perspectives into the classroom and to increase opportunities for students to participate in study and internship programs abroad. It also prepares students for success in an increasingly global workplace.

Programs are offered throughout the academic year: Winter, Spring Break, Summer, and courses that include a travel component during the semester.

2019 Faculty-Directed Courses Abroad

Summer 2019 England Program May 22–June 12: Field School in Archaeology in conjunction with the Poulton Field School, with visits to the Liverpool John Moores University and the city of Chester. Contact: Prof. Kathleen Skoczen ([email protected])

Rome Program May 24–June 16: Field studies in English Literature. Contact: Prof. Leon Weinmann ([email protected])

Iceland Program June 1–18: Environmental Economic Geography, and Field Techniques. Gain valuable experience in research project design and implementation, as well as improvement in writing skills through various workshops. Contact: Prof. Patrick Heidkamp ([email protected])

Paris Program June 30–July 31: Options to study Art and French culture and language. Contact: Prof. Camille Serchuk ([email protected]) or Prof. Luke Eilderts. ([email protected]) or Prof. Alexander Girard ([email protected])

Belize Program June 1–10: Field Natural History in Belize. Contact: Prof. Miranda Dunbar ([email protected])

Tuscany Program June 30–July 31: Options to study Italian and Photography. Contact: Prof. Pina Palma ([email protected]) or Prof. Jeremy Chandler ([email protected])

Spain Program June 29–July 31: Undergraduate and graduate courses in Spanish Language and Culture, with visits to Salamanca, Andalucia, and Madrid. Contact: Prof. Carlos Arboleda ([email protected])

Guatemala PCH Program July 27–August 11: Undergraduate or graduate course options in international field studies in Public Health. Contact: Prof. William Faraclas. [email protected]

Guatemala SPE Program July 27–August 11: Undergraduate or graduate courses in global studies in Special Education. Contact: Prof. Kara Faraclas. [email protected]

Puerto Rico Program June 24–July 29: Graduate courses in teaching acquisition of English literacy. Contact: Prof. Regine Randall ([email protected]) or Prof Laura Reynolds ([email protected]) or Prof Louise Shaw ([email protected])

Shanghai Program June 7–21: “When West meets East,” Coursework in either field of Exercise Science or Chinese Language, in collaboration with one of the most prominent normal universities in China (East China Normal University). Contact: Prof. Jinjin Yang ([email protected]), or Prof. Miaowei Weng ([email protected]) or Prof. Latchman ([email protected])

Fall Semester 2019 Peru Program October 31–November 10: Non-credit field study embedded in Fall Semester Nursing courses. Contact: Prof. Maria Krol ([email protected]) or Prof. Cheryl Resha ([email protected]).

Winter Session 2019 South Africa Program December 30–January 17: Field studies in Environmental Justice, also includes a study of legal solutions and public policy measures, in areas ranging from Little Karoo Desert to Cape Town. Contact: Prof. C. Patrick Heidkamp ([email protected])

Please encourage your student to consider participating in one of these programs.
Contact us at or (203) 392-6975 with questions!


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