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By Diana S. Barber

One of the many attributes in helping your son or daughter succeed in the culinary sustainability and hospitality world is participating in an organized internship with local culinary and hospitality employers through the Michael A. Leven School of Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality.

In order to earn their degree, students are required to engage in industry-related work experience for 400 hours, industry-related volunteer experience for 200 hours, and work in an approved, paid industry-related internship program for 150 hours.

An internship consists of working a minimum of 10 hours per week (20 hours per week during the shorter summer semester) and students engage in learning while exploring the various management departments of their interest within a culinary or hospitality enterprise. As part of the curriculum designed into the course, students create and implement a special project which will introduce the organization to a sustainable practice in their enterprise. We want the students to add value to a business that will continue long after the internship has ended.

This spring semester, we have students achieving their internship requirements at organizations such as the Georgia Aquarium, Walt Disney World, the Georgia Restaurant Association, and Residence Inn by Marriott as well as working with Chartwells, the award winning on-campus dining facility known as The Commons. Our students are learning how to work in an industrial bakery, front of the house services for a select service hotel, hosting special events at the Aquarium, and making Disney magic for millions of customers.

Students are immersed in the organization and have focused training that will combine virtual, experiential (hands-on) and mentored learning from managers, supervisors and line level associates, as appropriate. The primary objective is to provide students with marketable skills and knowledge that will make them work-force ready by the end of their internship semester.

The internship course here at the Michael A. Leven School of Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality... provides a unique opportunity to build work skills, knowledge and a personal network group with some of the top leading industry professionals. Personally, I can say that this internship course has been a huge asset to my college experience. –Margarita Aranda, spring semester Leven School intern

Another Leven School intern currently in the program, Aly Collado, said about her internship with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, “Many students who are approaching graduation often have an idea of which career path they are aiming for, but after being in the internship course, my plan is clearer. The opportunities that may have seemed impossible suddenly become possible through the experiences and personal connections gained through my internship. Many students like me have little to no experience in the culinary hospitality industry and the internship program through the Leven School provides a great resource for those experiences.”

The Leven School interns are engaged and find their passion for the culinary and hospitality industry prior to graduation which allows them to be not only good citizens of their community but to graduate with solid skills to be competitive in a job market and begin their path for a successful life-long career.

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