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Healthy Habits Through The End of The Term

The University of Alabama Parent & Family Programs

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Dear Parents,

The fall semester at The University of Alabama is quickly coming to a close. Our students have accomplished so much, and we know they are excited to take a break from their academic work and head home for the holidays.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes for our students, and final exams will take place next week. As we approach the end of the semester, we hope to help your student finish strong as they work to complete their academic commitments.

We hope you will join our faculty and staff members in encouraging your student to keep up healthy habits as we reach the end of the term. Students may be inclined to abandon good health habits as they sprint toward the finish line, but we know they will feel and perform better by exercising healthy behaviors such as sensible eating, sleep, physical activity, and stress reduction.

Sometimes, when a student has been away at college, the transition back home can also be stressful. I hope you will take the time to address expectations about rules and independence for your student’s return home. While you are excited to have your student back with you, it is important for you to acknowledge that your student has grown and matured during this semester. Make sure to encourage open communication and make plans to spend time as a family. Laying the groundwork for extended breaks can make time together more enjoyable for the entire family.

We wish you and your family all the best this holiday season, and we look forward to welcoming your student back to campus on Jan. 11 when classes begin. Thank you for being a part of the Alabama family. Happy Holidays and Roll Tide!


David L. Grady
Vice President for Student Affairs

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The University of Alabama Parent & Family Programs

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Maura Thompson
Maura Thompson
4 years ago

I just want to thank the university of Alabama for another great semester for my son. He's a junior in the communication field, and the phenomenal opportunities granted to him are his dream come true. Now I know why he chose to attend Alabama, even though we live in Florida. I am so very proud to say my son attends the university of Alabama & roll tide!!!!
P.S. a very special thank you to his advisor maya, & the staff at crimson tide productions, for helping my son reach for that star.....& fly!!!!!!!!

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