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You worry. There is no denying that. Your child is away from home, and sometimes that makes you nervous. You may not realize it, but your child worries too.

MTSU students worry about a heap of things. Maybe it’s the stress of juggling classes, work, and friends. Many students talk about the struggle of eating healthy on a budget. Or they’ve noticed they’ve gained some extra pounds since the start of the semester.

MTSU Health Promotion is here to calm those worries with our Free Health Coaching Service. Students are able to book appointments with our Health Coach on a wide range of topics including: stress and time management, nutrition, exercise, weight management, and many other health concerns.
Our job is to work with students to help them unlock a healthier version of themselves. Our Health Coach is a student’s biggest fan as well as a strong voice pushing them to be the best they can be.

To book a health coaching appointments students can fill out this form. They can email [email protected] or call our office: 615-898-5275.

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