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February Tip: As a parent, you have probably encouraged your student to be mindful of the company they keep. The university agrees with this sage advice.

Attempts, Aiding, and Abetting is a student disciplinary rule that encourages students to make positive choices and be responsible members of the community. If a student attempts to violate a rule, helps someone else violate a rule, or knows about a rule violation and does not remove themselves and report the situation to university officials, that student can be found in violation of the attempts, aiding, and abetting rule.

For example, your student is with a friend in an on-campus residence hall and your student’s friends decide to smoke marijuana. If your student does not remove themselves and report the behavior, they would be in violation of this policy even if they did not smoke marijuana themselves. It is imperative that students understand that they can be held responsible for other’s behavior if they choose to remain involved in the situation.

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