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By Linda Lyons

We want to share with you an exciting study abroad opportunity for first-year students. Now in its third year, the Global Fellows program combines ten weeks of on-campus study with five weeks abroad at Kennesaw State’s facility in Montepulciano, Italy, to create an exciting first-semester experience.

First-Year Global Fellows spend the first seven weeks of the fall semester on KSU's Kennesaw campus and the next five weeks in Montepulciano, Italy, before returning to the Kennesaw campus for the remaining three weeks of reflection and finals. Throughout the semester, including their stay in the heart of Tuscany, students will complete 12 hours of General Education Credit in English Composition (ENGL 1101 or 1102), Art in Society (ART 1107), First-Year Seminar (KSU 1101), and Foundations of Healthy Living (WELL 1000).

On campus, students take part in the traditional college experience. They attend classes and participate in student events and organizations. In addition to becoming acquainted with the academic resources located on campus, including the library and tutorial centers, students have the opportunity to join a variety of curricular and extra-curricular clubs and organizations, including fraternities and sororities. In Italy, a Renaissance Fortress becomes their classroom. In addition to continuing their classes, students take field trips to organic farms and art museums, while visiting the historic cities of Rome and Florence.

In the two years that we have run this program, we have observed several things:

    • Global Fellows often excel in class because of the amount of in-class and out-of-class contact that they have with their instructors. Because their faculty are not only with them in class, but also on field trip excursions and at shared meals, Global Fellows acquire a sense of their faculty as approachable who are willing to help them on their assignments.
    • Global Fellows acquire a stronger set of study skills than their peers on campus. The Global Fellows faculty work with students both in class and out of class to help them build important study skills that they will use throughout the remainder of their college career.
    • Global Fellows acquire a sense of independence. An important goal of the program is to help students learn to live independently by teaching them basic survival skills, like how to cook something more than Ramon Noodles or Macaroni and Cheese.
    • Global Fellows learn to live with others. For many of our students, their first semester of college will be the first time that they have ever roomed with someone. Global Fellows faculty help students in this most important transition.
    • Global Fellows form lasting friendships. Because of the amount of time that they spend together in and out of the classroom, Global Fellows form close friendships that carry them beyond their first semester of college.

Global Fellows' participants will have the opportunity for in-depth academic advising to prepare them for enrolling in their spring semester courses.

A formal invitation from Dr. Lance Askildson, Vice-Provost of Global Affairs, and Dr. Lynn Stallings, Interim Dean, University College Program has been sent to all incoming first-year students who qualify for this experience. The costs are $4,700, which includes airfare, lodging, cultural excursions and transportation, and four meals a week. Eligible students who obtain the Global Learning Scholarship will receive $1,000 off making the program price $3,700. The price does not include tuition or university fees.

If you know of any incoming first-year student who may want to join us in Italy this Fall semester, please submit specific questions at [email protected] or access this link and one of our program facilitators will contact you:

We look forward to your students’ participation in this unique learning experience.


Drs. M. Todd Harper and Linda Lyons
Co-Academic Directors, First-Year Global Fellows Program
Division of Global Affairs
Kennesaw State University
(470) 578-3619
[email protected]

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