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From the Office of Student Success

Middle Tennessee State

The MTSU Office of Student Success now offers another valuable service to MTSU students — FREE of charge! Supplemental Instruction, or “SI" for short, is a peer-assisted group study and learning method that is recognized as a “best practice” in helping students achieve their full potential. SI uses regularly scheduled, informal activity/discussion sessions to help students with difficult content in a variety of MTSU’s most historically challenging courses.

Supplemental Instruction is customized to your student’s specific courses and instructors and is a non-remedial approach to learning and understanding that significantly increases student performance and long-term success. In fact, students that regularly utilized SI at MTSU during the Fall 2016 semester earned marks, on average, one to two letter grades higher on exams, and over the course of an entire semester, this could translate into significant benefits when final grades are posted!

You can find additional information, FAQs, videos, and more at, or contact Brian Hinote in the Office of Student Success with specific queries. Encourage your student to pre-register for courses employing SI methods today!


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